Branding, addiction and legal infringement are explored when artist/designer Ari Saal Forman mashes-up the lively Newport cigarette brand into a cool Nike-like sneaker. An “alive with pleasure” moment that “legally never happened”, is presented with before and after accounts.

[ USA, Documentary Short, 2009 - TRT 17 minutes ]


This film “doesn’t exist”… sort of. 

Designer Ari was legally prevented from talking about his colorful experiment soon into the production. Thus, a story from a person who “can’t talk about it” created a challenge, and a ripe opportunity to structure a clever story. 



John Carluccio is a Brooklyn based filmmaker whose work documents unique pockets of urban society.  Twenty of his films ran nationally on CURRENT TV . He has shot for MSG, MTV, BET and TLC. His work earned him an Emmy Nomination in 2010. Presently, Carluccio creates original programing as The Head of Development at Dubspot Music School. More about Carluccio.


& Desist


Ari can’t

talk about it.

a short film

by John Carluccio


© 2011 - John Carluccio



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The “Ari Menthol 10” sneaker ( as it came to be known) has sold for over $1000 on Ebay. It still charts on “sneaker heads” top ten lists.

Ari made a limited 255 pairs of the sneaker.

Ari Saal Forman, co-founded On The Go Magazine with famed graffiti Artist Stephen “ESPO” Powers. The magazine’s most famous cover was a fake Newport advertisement featuring hip-hop artists De La Soul in late 90’s. On The Go is currently On The Go Marketing.

Ari designed the “Do You Want More?!!!??!”album art for the Hip-hop band The Roots.

In 2006, Nike filled an order to “cease and desist,” asking that Ari no longer produce the sneaker. Newport  filled a larger suit requesting that Ari destroy the newport-like products. As part of the Newport agreement Ari can not promote, profit and discuss his sneaker project.

The trailer for “Cease & Desist” on Youtube and has been re-posted on over 100 art and fashion blogs internationally.

Director John Carluccio is best know in the hip -hop DJ world for work on films such as Battle Sounds(1997) and Scratch (Sundance 2001).


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